Austin Tile & Grout Cleaning

Stone Floor Cleaning Services $0.49 PER SQUARE FOOT

The cleaning of tile and stone floors takes incredible attention to detail, which our team at Austin Steam Clean is willing and able to provide. We have 15 years of experience providing Austin floor cleaning services to residents and homeowners like yourself and know exactly how difficult it can be to keep your tile immaculate and clear of any dirt and grime.
Benefits of our tile cleaning service include that we:

  • Do a very efficient and thorough job
  • Use safe, eco-friendly products
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals

If you have noticed tough stains or soil stuck in the grout of your floors and don’t have the time or the proper cleaning agents to get the job done, we can help. We are known for doing an extremely thorough job and leaving you with very clean floors. Please get in touch with our team today at (512) 851-7094 for more information and a free estimate!

Our Values

  • We don't just clean, we disinfect
  • We sterilize floors, remove the dander
  • We're great at removing odors