Our Services in Austin

Come home to an allergen-free home!

When you hire us to provide you with our expert cleaning skills, you can rest assured that you will only receive the best results and excellent customer service each and every time. At Austin Steam Clean, we have perfected our technique so that we do not damage your carpet or floors in the process. In addition, you can rest assured that we don’t just clean your floors, we disinfect them.

We are happy to provide you with a variety of services, including:

  • Floor Cleaning: The carpets in your home or building pick up dirt, which can be pushed to the bottom lining. This can make it difficult to fully clean, but our team has perfected a technique to thoroughly disinfect and remove any dander.
  • Wood floors: Properly cleaning wood floors is a very delicate and particular process that must be done with great care. It requires a certain level of expertise to ensure that wood is cleaned properly without being damaged.
  • Carpet repair: When the carpets in your home have become ripped or broken over time, you may choose to have them repaired instead of replaced. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure they are properly fixed.
  • Air duct cleaning: If you are interested in improving the air quality in your home or business, one of the first steps you can take is having your air ducts clean. This is a very efficient way to remove dirt and toxins from the air flow.
  • Tile, stone, and grout: When the tile stone floors in your home have become stained with dirt, food, or various substances that won’t come off, our professional team can help you with our special cleaning technique.
  • Commercial: It is very important to keep your commercial property clean, even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Our experts can come in and ensure your carpets and floors are rid of excess dirt and bacteria.
  • Realtors: If you are a realtor trying to get a property sold, it is imperative that the place looks, feels, and smells as clean as possible. An important step towards this goal is having the carpets thoroughly cleaned by a professional.

To hear more about the services we offer, please feel free to get in touch with a knowledgeable member from our team. Call us directly at (512) 851-7094 today!


Our Values

  • We don't just clean, we disinfect
  • We sterilize floors, remove the dander
  • We're great at removing odors